Grace of awakening MahaSivratri World Yogi Day!

Once a year the greatest opportunity of life- to awaken & be the Yogi is before us as the auspicious vortex of time. Feb 27 Start/ Begin Pilgrimage within: Initiation Day Full Moon

March 11 - Grand Night of the Yogi Lord Siva

  • 14 days journey within to attaining Highest Self :Detox body & mind | Evolve
  • Attain the supreme blessings of Turiya, the supermind states of the Yogi
  • Utilize the inner pilgrimage to awaken the immense potent Higher Self
  • Awaken & reset our mind, realities and life.

Nandhiji will guide through Facebook (FB) Live
Facebook (FB) World Yogi Day

The gift of grace comes from having a daily discipline to attain higher consciousness, health, abundance and love. Yoga naturally yields all attributes of yogam (luck). These are precious moments for humanity, as higher consciousness is now a reality. Yoga, in the Western sense, spearheads this awakening, even if it is considered a simple exercise for health benefits and fashion, instead of a spiritual discipline; the taste of a drop of honey will eventually lead to the honey pot of higher consciousness.


Yogic Guidance

For a yogi/ni, Mahasivratri is the Day/Night of Yoga, the time to transcend, transform and evolve. Mahasivratri has been observed as the single most important vortex of time by the yogis and householders in India for thousands of years.

An ideal time to detox the body

The time to detox the mind as in letting go of the past and karmic imprints of limitations To create an intent of resolution and a supreme prayer An inspiration to awaken the yogi within A potent time to break free from the stagnancy of life to enable us to evolve into a life more attuned to our higher purpose with ease To awaken to the joyfulness of Being a person of higher consciousness and thereby imbibing all the qualities of higher consciousness as in abundance, harmony, love and wisdom.

In the Western world it is truly beautiful to witness the growth of yoga as a practice, as an exercise and as a lifestyle itself. A drop of honey will lead to the honey pot. Practicing yoga does naturally provide benefits of health and less stress, but beyond it all is the experience of gravitating towards Source expressed in words such as Freedom, A Oneness, Blissful, Inspired, In the Now etc.

When we go deeper into the science of yoga to understand yoga as a journey through consciousness, we realize that words such as liberation and enlightenment are not a distant concept but an amazing experience we can have in our daily realities. Observing Mahasivratri does ease us into awakening the potential underlying objectives within yoga. Once a year during these moments we are in now, based on the lunar calendar, we (humanity- every human on Planet Earth) are subjected to the energies of an inward mind. Yogis, Sages and householders in India have celebrated the culmination of this period that gifts enlightenment and higher consciousness for thousands of years as Mahasivratri.

Once a year, Sages undergoing austere penance through the year, come out to bless everyone as Lord Siva. Lord Siva is the celebration of our awake consciousness as in realizing our soul and God to be One. A higher conscious mind is like the mind of Leanardo Da Vinci, a genius and as a Sage Emperor like Mahatma Gandhi, capable of effecting changes to the entire nation, if not to the world. Utilize this auspicious period of divinely sanctioned time to enhance your realities.

A higher conscious mind is like the mind of Leanardo Da Vinci, a genius and as a Sage Emperor like Mahatma Gandhi, capable of effecting changes to the entire nation, if not to the world. Observing Mahasivrathri is transforming as we awaken to whom we truly are. Lord Siva, the dissolver of ego enables clearance of past karmic negatives that have blocked us from our true potentials. Mahasivrathri is rejuvenative as we tune into the eternal yogi within ourselves as the surrender of our body consciousness to the awake soul, the eternal yogi.

The objective of Mahasivrathri is to experience turiya, the realm of enlightenment- the fourth state of consciousness that is beyond being awake and sleeping. The proximity of the mind with Source does align our thoughts to be empowered as we are in touch with our inner wisdom of calm, serenity, inspiration, abundance and knowing.

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